RICI Travel Deals

13 days,Breezes Bella Costa Kuba/AI

13 days,Breezes Bella Costa Kuba/AI $ from: Düsseldorf (DE), 24.04.-07.05.14

7 days, Aparthotel Jabeque, Ibiza

7 days, Aparthotel Jabeque, Ibiza $ from: Cologne, Bonn (DE), 05.05.-02.05.14

Sri Lanka, 7 days AI

Sri Lanka, 7 days AI $ from: Munich (DE), 26.05.-02.06.14

RICI Exclusive Specials

Aryurveda on the island of eternal spring

Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean attracts next to the incomparable natural setting with a year-round mild spring climate, which is perfect to enhance wellbeing.

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"Slow Food" - Gourmet and Cultural Days in Liguria

Individual car short trip to Ameglia and
to the "Gulf of Poets", including gastronomic
Pleasures of food and wine

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AROSA - The Recommendation of the Week: Cruise DANUBE CATARACTS

There, where the river is wider, their destination, the Black Sea, flows countercurrent to you can get to know the coastal resorts of Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. The glamorous Budapest is the pivotal point of the trip.

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Greece/Sithonia - relaxing holiday with a touch of luxus

The Danai Beach Resort & Villas is located in Nikiti, in the north of Sithonia/Chalkidiki. A picturesque beach on crystal clear, turquoise water has breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset, or the possibility for romantic walks. The area offers a unique landscape with mountains, a variety of conifers, magical garden flowers and the open sea. All while revitalizing Greek sun.

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Family vacation in children´s paradise

In the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District welcomed a unique family hotel its young and old guests alike: Borchard's Rookhus.

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Motorcycle Travel Las Vegas & the National Parks

Who does not dream to be there, when in Las Vegas, the gambling metropolis, the lights and the city shines with all its world-famous shows and casinos? Bright red cliffs and rock formations, towering mountain peaks, waterfalls and gorges - all this you will see in this unforgettable motorcycle trip through the great National Parks of the Southwest.

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